Activgait Canine


Activgait Canine


Pro-Canine's Activgait Canine is a fast-acting supplement for dogs to help with mobility issues, stiffness and arthritis.

General wear and tear and old age can lead to stiffness and lameness. Joint issues may be the result of injury, repetitive concussion, an abnormal growth pattern, or inherited factors, such as poor conformation. Mobility issues can also be due to muscle and ligament trauma and circulatory problems. Apart from obvious lameness and stiffness, sometimes the signs are more subtle, such as slowness to get up and reluctance to go out. Excess weight puts more pressure on the weight-bearing joints, particularly the knees and hips. A dog should not be overweight and should have a suitable diet for the proper development and maintenance of cartilage. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and improve circulation. Disuse of a sore joint will cause the muscles around it to weaken, resulting in pain. The feeding of appropriate supplements can suppress the action of damaging free radicals and decrease stiffness.

Pro-Canine’s supplement Activgait Canine is carefully formulated to support joint mobility and cartilage health and aid joint mobility and elasticity, in dogs young and old. Activgait contains no 'fillers' and is fast-acting.

Pro-Canine chooses to use the natural and powerful yucca in Activgait. The properties of yucca have long been exploited by the North American Indians. The saponins in yucca encourage a 'friendly' intestinal flora so toxins that can cause joint issues are kept away and absorbed into the bloodstream. Pro-Canine combines ginger and celery seed with yucca in Activgait. Ginger works with the circulation and helps speedy delivery of the key ingredients. Celery seed contains several useful substances, including volatile oils, flavonoids, antioxidants and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid. Celery seed helps elimination of water, speeding up the clearance of accumulated toxins from the joints.