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EcoGreen Equestrian is your one stop shop that specialises in providing natural products at affordable prices. We work with companies who share our ethos, enabling us to provide you with top quality, natural and sustainable products that offer solutions to ensure the happiness, comfort and health of your horse, dog or friend! All without it costing the earth.

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Equine Magnetix Ankle Boots

“Hello, just wanted to say I bought the ankle boots about a month ago, and I have to say a massive thank you. These have been the best thing I have ever bought for my very laminitic shettie. I can’t believe the difference it has made with him, he has gone from barely able to walk to cantering around his little paddock. So pleased with the results. Thanks again!”

– Emma

Rug Wash

“I was lucky enough to be allowed to trial the rug wash and I can happily say I would 100% buy time and time again. Washed the towels that were used to dry the horses feet after a day in the mud, as you can see all the dirt is away and even left a lovely smell. Would definitely recommend!”

– Kirsty Rae

Epiony Heat Pad

“I first bought the heat pad after Jacs chiropractor suggested he had heat applied after treatments. I have been applying hot water bottles until now but got a little frustrated with this, especially in the winter months when standing outside for ages isn’t that appealing. I also wanted to find something I could regulate the temperature. Since purchasing the Epiony Heat pad I have not looked back. Jac has it on after every treatment and I have started to use it before and after riding to relax his muscles. I have particularly noticed a difference when I have done a jumping or pole work session with him and have worked his back muscles hard. The following day he comes out of the stable more relaxed and loose. I have even applied it to my own back.
I would definitely recommend this product!”

– Paula Dewsbury

White Wash

 “It’s a fantastic product and considering what a mud monster Blue is, it gets him show ring ready.”

– Phaedra Towler

About Eco Green Equestrian


EcoGreen Equestrian is based in Cheshire. My journey began in July 2015 when I left full time youth work to manage the company. I am passionate about using the best, natural products on our horses, dogs and of course ourselves and wanted to provide customers with a choice of quality, natural, products at affordable prices. I do not believe that anyone should have to pay more for plant-based products and alternative therapies. 

I work in partnership with other companies that have the same ethos as me. I stock a range of plant-based grooming & cleaning products, alternative therapy and herbal feed supplements alongside gifts & cards from sustainable resources.

Like most people who are passionate about anything, I love to talk to other people who share my beliefs that natural is best. I try to get to as many events as possible and many of you will have seen my pop up shop at British Eventing, Showing & Pony Club events. Those of you who have met me will know that I am always happy to discuss your equine issues and provide you with the solutions I feel will be of benefit to you, your horse and your dogs.