Dog Sloshwash

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No rinse wash for dogs

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If what you need is a quick wash down or you are out and access to water is limited to a bucket, then our dog NO RINSE sloshwash is what you need.  The clue is in the name – there is no need to rinse after use, so saving time and water!

Just drop some sloshwash in a bucket of water and wash off your dog using a sponge. It’s great for removing dirt and has the added advantage of essential oils that will help to relieve tired muscles.

It is a must for working dogs after a hard day in the field & all dog owners whose dogs enjoy a good roll in things that cause unwanted smells! Can even be used before you put your dog back in the car after a walk.

This sloshwash contains Ginger, Geranium,and Ylang Ylang essential oils which aid tired aching muscles. It is perfect for working dogs after a hard day or as a treat if your best buddy has just had a lovely long run in the woods or on the beach - it’s great for getting the sand and salt out of even the longest coat!