Me and my goals

Since I was younger I always dreamt that one day I might ride at The Mitsubishi Motors Cup at Badminton, Gloucestershire.

So that became my goal, having an end goal helped me determine my micro goals. These are anything that will help me take a step closer!

June came to me as an unbroken 3 year old, she did her first BE80 at Stafford Horse Trials finishing 3rd.

We started on a qualifying mission and soon found ourselves planning our accommodation in a rented caravan at Badminton! My dream was happening! Friends and family came on cross country day to cheer me on, we were clear but with lots of time faults as we were too fast!
But the feeling of galloping in front of Badminton House is something made of fairy tails…

Fast forward and June and I also achieved my second dream, to ride at BE Novice level. My better half (aka the boy) has collected me off the floor many a time, the step up to Novice is a hard one!

June led me on a route that would see me meet some amazing people, one of whom hasn’t been back from Tokyo long.

June was sold and now I start again, another unbroken 3 year old, let’s see where Camelot will take me!