When it comes to charity even small acts of kindness and generosity can have a big impact.

In a world dominated by the charity giants and larger organisations, it can sometimes seem impossible for the smaller charities to keep their heads above water and stay afloat.

Funds tend to go on the essentials and there is next to nothing left over for publicity drives and media coverage. It seems a shame, for small independent charities, that these hidden gems often go unrecognised for the all the incredible work they do. These unsung heroes dedicate their time, effort and resources to the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals in their care. As a nation, we are all feeling the pinch of ever-increasing prices and small charities who rely on donations and goodwill are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet. Whether it be in time, money or simply raising awareness, there are ways you can help – even the smallest of gestures can make a significant difference to these small charities.

Here at Eco Green, we understand the importance of giving something back, although we cannot help everyone, we can certainly try to do what we can and when we can.

So, allow us to shine a light on one such remarkable charity: Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue.

eco green equestrian supports munchkins miniature shetland rescue charity

A small sanctuary, with a huge heart…

Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue in Devon is a small, independent sanctuary dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating miniature Shetland ponies.

These adorable creatures often find themselves in precarious situations, such as neglect, abuse, or abandonment.

Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue steps in to provide a safe haven, medical care, and a loving environment for these wonderful animals. Sometimes people tend to forget that because they are so small, they are still horses and have the same needs as their larger counterparts. In many cases, though they are smaller, their needs are greater.


Their small bodies are affected differently by things like sugar levels in the grass and therefore, they require close monitoring, particularly throughout the summer months. Shetlands and miniature horses are more prone to Laminitis.


By supporting small charities, such as this, you are directly contributing to the well-being and future of these miniature ponies. Although it is possible to rehabilitate some ponies to the point where they are happy and healthy enough to be put up for adoption, many of the ponies in their care will remain permanent residents and live out the rest of their days in the sanctuary of the centre.

Other charities we support

Alongside Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue, we also support two other amazing charities. The Spirit of the Herd who not only work wonders in rehabilitating the rescue horses in their care, but they also help humans through equine facilitated learning.

We all know the extra special bond we have with our horses and their unique ability to read and connect with us better than we read them. Horses are sensitive animals and wonderful healers, the dedicated team at The Spirit of the Horse harness this magic and use it to run courses designed to promote emotional and physical wellbeing of both children and adults.

The third charity we support is Hope Pastures, based in Leeds, another remarkable small charity that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes horses, ponies, and donkeys. They provide expert care and attention to animals that have suffered from neglect, abuse, or abandonment. With a strong focus on education, Hope Pastures aims to raise awareness about responsible horse ownership and animal welfare. By supporting Hope Pastures, you actively participate in their mission to create a better world for equines in need.

How you can get involved

While Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue, Spirit of the Herd, and Hope Pastures are exceptional examples, there are countless other rescue centres who rely on community support.

Undoubtedly there will be rescue centres near you who desperately need assistance. By volunteering your time, making donations, or even sharing their posts on social media, you can significantly contribute to their cause. Charities are grateful for any support they receive, but it can often be a nice gesture to ask them what they are most in need of and donate good, such as bedding or rugs instead. Every act of kindness no matter how small counts and helps save lives.

When choosing a charity to support, it is essential to do your research first to ensure your time, money and efforts are supporting legitimate rescue centres. Any legitimate charity will be open and honest; you will be able to find their charity registration number. This way you can be sure that your contributions are going to legitimate causes where they will have a meaningful impact. By supporting a small charity local to where you live, your support will have an immediate impact as time, energy and funds will go directly to a worthy cause rather than being spent on administration and costly publicity.

By volunteering locally, you are able to build genuine relationships with both the staff and animals at a centre near you. Without the help of volunteers, particularly at busy times, charities would struggle to continue the great work they do.