Finding the right summer fly protection for horses can seem like an impossible task. We find it is often best to use a combination of methods for the most effective results.


Tackling Flies From The Inside Out

There are a range of supplements available, such as garlic granules. Not only is garlic great for supporting the respiratory system, it also provides natural resistance and deters flies from biting. Thus, providing great Summer fly protection for horses whilst they are out grazing.

Simply adding Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Fly to your horse’s feed daily means horses will naturally secrete an odour which flies will find offensive!

In some cases, particularly with young or more sensitive horses, applying Summer fly protection from a spray bottle can become a bit of battle in itself. Many horses are not keen on the hissing of the spray and the liquid form sometimes means spray strays where it shouldn’t irritating sensitive areas, such as the eyes and mouth, making horses even more apprehensive about it. Why not try out the Lemongrass Fly Repellent Tin on more sensitive areas? It can easily be applied by brush, cloth or even with your hands. This means you can confidently use a spray on the larger, less sensitive areas of the horse’s body.

Another alternative is Fly Off, which is a gentle water-based fly spray formulated using only natural ingredients and is available in a range of sizes.

When weather is at its warmest, and despite your most robust plans for Summer fly protection for your horses, you may find that nothing much seems to deter flies for very long.

Fly Masks

As temperatures soar horses will naturally produce more sweat which attracts flies in abundance making matters worse. Fly sheets and fly masks are a brilliant way of preventing flies from becoming too bothersome on the warmest days as the mesh materials mean flies cannot make contact with the horse’s skin and are more likely to give up and go away.


Keep them cool…

Sometimes on the warmest days, horses will enjoy a welcome break in their stables during the daytime and may even prefer to be out grazing overnight when it is a little cooler and flies settle down for the evening. So long as bedding in the stables is clean and dry, flies tend to prefer to be outside rather than in which means horses can enjoy a little respite in the cool shade of their stables.

Here at EcoGreen equestrian we have a fantastic selection of products which can help to keep your horse fit and healthy, even in the scorching heat.

If you have any queries as to which product would be best for you, please do get in touch with us and we can help advise.