Springtime Dog Health Tips

Isn’t it wonderful to head out for long walks in the daylight; play in the fields for hours on end and be able to put the dogs straight back in the car without having to endure the journey home accompanied by that lingering whiff of damp dog? 

Before we get too carried away frolicking in the fields, it is important to take a moment to get prepared and make sure your dog is protected from anything which threatens to spoil the fun. Take a look at our top springtime dog heath tips below. Early action to prevent pesky parasites and silly oversights from becoming a burden will all be worthwhile in the long run.

Exercise Caution

Dogs are notoriously nosy: the world around us comes alive as the weather warms and a dog’s natural curiosity could lead them into dangerous territory. How are your powers of recall? Are you sure your dog will return on command, even when the place they are heading towards looks far more exciting than anything you have to offer? (If your recall needs a little work, our extra tasty dog treats might just be worth a try!) A dog’s natural instincts will lead them off lolloping in long grass or wallowing in water; however, the lurking dangers are not always visible to the naked eye.

As spring warms the ground tiny parasite start to re-emerge. Although not an immediate danger as it still early days and there are not too many fleas and ticks about just yet- preparation is key.

Now would be a good time to check your worming, flea and tick treatments are used routinely and remain up to date throughout the warmer months. Though only mildly irritating in the first instance, these pesky parasites can soon become quite a burden. They are easy to miss when there are only a few, but cause chaos if left to run riot. Fleas will make themselves happy on your dog, and in your home, causing a general nuisance of themselves and can sometimes result in soreness and irritation for dogs with sensitive skin.

Ticks are more tricky to spot as they are well camouflaged and quite content to sit very still as they feast amongst the fur. Unfortunately, with ticks comes the danger of Lyme’s disease, the bacteria passed on by infected ticks could cause severe and long-lasting symptoms such as, joint stiffness, loss of appetite and lethargy.

With springtime shedding, we tend to spend more time grooming our dogs anyway, so perhaps use this time as an opportunity to take a closer look at skin condition and check for unwanted critters.

Our Top Coat is also perfect for maintaining optimum springtime dog health as it contains a unique blend of herbs, to help build natural resistance to seasonal allergens.

Follow Your Gut

Sounds magical, doesn’t it? And the novelty of spending long hours outdoors is unlikely to wear off any time soon. In the springtime dog health is paramount, it is the time of year where the weather can be unpredictable and does not always do as we expect. We are all well-versed in the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars and know just how quickly dogs can dehydrate and develop heat stroke. We must also consider hydration when we are out and about, generally dogs will find a place: a river, a ditch, a puddle or a lake to drink from.

Convenient from an owner’s perspective perhaps, but these days there are no end of portable dog bottles and collapsible bowls available so, it is always worth having some fresh water to offer when out and about walking. It is not always possible to vouch for
the quality of water found by your dog. Running water such as a brook or stream can be a relatively safe bet, but some years warm spells in late spring have sparked algae blooms earlier than usually. Some blue-green algae (often found in lakes and reservoirs) produces toxins and, if ingested, these can be fatal to dogs as they can stop the liver functioning properly in a little as 15 minutes. This is also worth noting if your dog is an avid swimmer as they may not drink the water but would be inclined to clean their fur later on.

springtime dog health tips dog in water

What a waste…

It is more important than ever for us think about our impact on the environment and, as responsible dog owners, it is important for us to do our part. By doing our bit to help, we can ensure our countryside remains as beautiful as it aways has done.

Simply swapping to our Eco-vibes biodegradable dog poop bags, means we can actively reduce the 8 billion plastic poop bags which make their way into the environment each year. Plastic remains in existence as micro-plastics which release toxins into the air, whereas these plant-based biodegradable poo bags leave not trace at all!

biodegradable dog poo bags

Biodegradeable Dog Poop Bags