As we’re in the middle of Spring and thinking about moving into Summer, our horses and ponies are shedding their Winter coats and may be feeling a little itchy. If you can do so right now, it’s the perfect time to spend grooming and cleaning. Horses and ponies are tactile animals so generally love you grooming and fussing them.

Before you start take a look at your brushes. It is important that you keep your brushes and grooming tools clean to stop any spread of infection. Think about using Multi-Purpose Cleaner for this, a non-toxic cleaner that is free of synthetic ingredients, perfumes, dyes, and phosphates. Great for cleaning brushes, feed buckets, stirrups, bits etc.

Try and get rid of stains when you see them. The longer it stays in the more difficult it is to remove. Keep an eye on areas where stains build up the most like hocks, elbows and tails. For stains on the body Stain Buster will help you out. Spray onto the stain, agitate into the skin, spray a little more then pull the stain off with a sweat scraper or a sponge – this is the key to stain removal, if you use a cloth it is very easy to rub the stain back into the skin which is not what you want to do at all!

If you are thinking about the first bath, then use Equiwash with its blend of tea tree oil & nettle it is our first aid shampoo as it will get rid of dandruff/scurfy skin. Start by damping your horse using warm water and a sponge, then apply a small amount of shampoo to the sponge and starting at the shoulder/neck use circular movements to work towards the quarters, leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse.

If you have an overly sensitive, thin skinned horse that finds any fragrance difficult to manage use Total Body Wash instead. It is a fragrance-free wash that you simply spray onto a wet horse, agitate into the skin and rinse off. Do be advised though that there are no foamers in this wash so no bubbles. It can take a bit of getting used to if you’ve not used a soap free wash before!

Looking for a super quick fix rather than a full bath? Cooling Sloshwash is your answer, the no rinse wash is perfect after riding or just simply to refresh in the warmer weather.

Once you’ve washed the body then concentrate on the tail using Tail & Mane Shampoo or Equiwash. Keep on top of it and tangle free by using Tail & Mane Detangler or for those not keen on a spray Top & Tail Serum.

Both will work equally as well to repel the dust and dirt to keep tails tangle free for up to 7 days. A quick spray of Show & Shine or Top & Tail Spray will keep the coat nicely conditioned. Try spraying a little onto the legs to help prevent bot eggs from sticking!

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