Recycled Cashmere Neck Warmer


Neck Warmers


These lovely soft recycled cashmere neck warmers are made by recycling cashmere jumpers and cardigans to give them a new lease of life as neck warmers.

They are light and easy to wear. Reversible to wear as you wish.

As cashmere is a natural fibre it is breathable. It is this quality which keeps you lovely and warm, but won’t make you hot, as it lets the heat out as well as keeping you warm. Cashmere fibres are very long and wavy which is what makes them so incredibly soft. This softness makes cashmere ideal for wearing next to the skin. Cashmere won’t make you itch, unlike some other wool garments and it is simply a joy to wear.

Perfect for keeping cosy whilst out riding, on long walks, gardening or generally when you are outside.

Please note: Each neck warmer is handmade by Country Mouse and therefore totally unique.