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Plaque Control

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100% Natural Premium Plaque Control For Pets - 185g - 60 days

  • No More Plaque, Tartar & Bad Breath: Control, eliminate, and prevent pet plaque and tartar build-up with our natural single ingredient solution. Freshen pet breath and keep each tooth clean and healthy.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Pure Pets plaque off for dogs, cats & pets has no nasties. Seaweed is proven to remove plaque and tartar. It is also the only ingredient, which means a healthier alternative for your pet.
  • No Expensive Bills: Eliminate plaque, tartar and gum disease by improving oral hygiene with powerful teeth cleaning repair powder that doesn't require a pet toothbrush or an expensive trip to the vet.
  • Easy To Use: Unlike tablets and capsules, Pure Pets dental cleaner works. Simply sprinkle the cat and dog plaque remover powder over your pet's food for fast and professional results. No toothpaste is needed!
  • Vegan & Vet Approved: Their all-natural UK-made pet, cat, and dog teeth cleaning products are GMP manufactured & certified. They are used and approved by vets for cats, small or large dogs, and all pets.

Ingredient: Seaweed

How to Use: Simply mix with your pets favourite food. ¼-½ teaspoon sprinkled daily onto your pets food will freshen breath & prevent plaque & tartar build-up. Suitable for animals after 6-8 weeks of age. Do not exceed daily amount. Do not use on pregnant or lactating animals. Suitable for dogs, cats & all pets.