Himalayan Cheese Bone Dog Treat

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Cheese Bone Dog Treat

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Himalayan Cheese Bone Dog Treat (1 Pack)

  • 100% Natural Cheese Treat: Unlike other dental chews which contain sugar and other nasty ingredients this Yak Chew contains 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar, salt or nasties. Great for helping clean teeth without the hassle.
  • Delicious Source of Protein & Calcium: Dogs need a high protein diet and this natural cheese chew is a healthy source of protein. They are high in calcium which helps develop strong teeth and bones whilst being low-lactose so great for sensitive stomachs.
  • Naturally Air Dried Without Smoke: Traditional recipes of Himalayan Cheese Chews may use smoke to preserve the product. Smoke can leave a nasty taste and chemicals in the product. These treats are air dried without smoke for a healthier treat.
  • Long Lasting Treat Which Cleans Teeth: Save time and money with these dental chews as they are delicious and long-lasting with the added benefit of cleaning teeth. They improve dental hygiene by breaking down plaque & tartar.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients IFS Certified Factory: Pets Purest only use the highest quality ingredients. They focus on the benefit and qualities of the ingredient, so never use cheap fillers. These treats are made to high specifications in an IFS-certified facility.


  • 100% Milk
  • Protein 60%, Fat 18%, Crude Ash 4.5%, Crude Fibre 0.5%, Salt 0.01%

How to use:

For use as a complementary pet food for dogs as a treat or reward. Ensure fresh drinking water is always available. Supervision of your pet is recommended, preferably in a stain resistant area.