Himalayan Black Salt Lick


Black Rock Salt Lick

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The Himalayan Black Salt Lick is regarded as having the following properties:

• Supports a balanced digestion
• Helps maintain healthy eyesight
• Supports healthy skin
• Natural source of sodium chloride, iron, copper & magnesium

Black Salt is a natural Ayurvedic product ranging from amber to a dark purple, brownish-black colour, hence the name. Black Salt is produced by combining the now familiar Pink Himalayan Rock Salt with herbs and spices. The popular Rock Salt is heated to more than 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and then mixed with various spices. These include the seed of the Black Myrobalan tree (harad) which lends a sulphurous flavour to the salt and darkens its colour.


  • Himalayan rock salt
  • Herbs
  • Spices

How do I use it?

  • Himalayan Salt Licks can be used in the stable, shelter or field
  • Suitable for placing in the feed bowl for horses or ponies that bolt their feed
  • Himalayan Salt Licks are more resistant to rain than ordinary pressed salt licks, but will deteriorate if left sitting in water
  • Restrict access to Licks in a stable if you find your horse or pony is taking too much interest: use in feed bowl instead


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