Eco Friendly Plant-a-Pen

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Plantable Pen



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These lovely Eco-Friendly plantable pens have been created by local Cheshire company Little Green Paper Shop.

Their unique products combine an Eco-Friendly pen and a luxurious plantable seed paper to create the perfect gift.

Plant both card and pen after use! The themed seed paper card grows beautiful wildflowers, reducing waste without compromising on packaging.

To Plant:

Once it is finished just remove the ink and place the pen seed capsule into a tray or shallow container, downwards into soil/compost. Water it regularly and place in natural light.

The backing card which makes a perfect page marker can also be planted once you are finished with it.

Be patient during the germination period, as it may vary depending on the seed mix. Typically, germination can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.