Coconut, Lavender & Poppy Seed Dog & Horse Soap Bar


Dog and Horse Soap Bar



This Coconut, Lavender & Poppy Seed Dog & Horse Soap Bar is handmade by the Dog & I. Made using the Hot Process Method which gives a more rustic looking soap and it does not need to cure as long as Cold Process Soap but otherwise is exactly the same.

Coconut oil gives a high foaming and highly cleansing soap. Perfect for those stinky paws, mucky muzzles and patches of fox poo all dogs seem to love. Also fantastic for greasy coats.

All varieties are fabulous for horses and are awesome for scrubbing manes and tails, bringing socks up bright and white and generally scrubbing those mud stains off.

The lavender and poppy seed coconut oil soap contains nothing but coconut oil, lye, water and poppy seeds for added 'grip'. Lavender essential oil is known for is calming scent and is also highly regarded for the skin including dandruff and minor irritations. It is also great to help with the flies.

Three sizes available - 50g which is ideal to use as a tester or for small dogs & will wash approx. 10 Westies, 100g ideal for households with one dog and 200g great for households with multiple dogs & for the horses too.

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200g, 50g, 100g