Dental Spray

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Dental Spray

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100% Natural Dental Spray 200ml

  • Easy Teeth & Gum Cleaning: Fed up with brushing your pet’s teeth? Keep infections away and prevent plaque build-up with this easy-to-use natural dental spray. Just spray into your pet's mouth each day.
  • Chemical & Fragrance-Free: This spray does not have a smell or taste, making it perfect for fussy pets. No nasty chemicals or additives, just 100% natural goodness.
  • Made in the UK: This safe, non-toxic dental spray was created in the UK with your pet’s best interest in mind.
  • 100% Natural Formula: This dental spray is made with de-ionised electrolysed water. 100% natural and safe for all the family.


  • < 99.84% water
  • < 0.134% salt, < 0.026% F.A.C. Active Ingredient Hypochlorous Acid (a mild acid produced by your pet’s immune system to fight infection)

How to use:

Pets Purest Dental Spray is suitable for Dogs and Cats of all breeds, ages and sizes. Use a small amount daily in each side of the mouth for effective cleaning and cleansing. Pets Purest Dental Spray formula is approved for Product Type 3 Veterinary hygiene.