Cough Liquid For Dogs

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Cough Liquid

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100% Natural Cough Liquid For Dogs: 30ml Bottle - approximately 600 drops

  • Natural Cough Liquid: A blend of traditional herbs used to give relief from the symptoms of coughs, sneezing, dry nose and respiratory conditions. Made in the UK.
  • Anti-Viral Properties: Wild Thyme has many benefits including antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is commonly used in human and animal remedies to improve the airflow to the bronchial passages.
  • Safe and Gentle: Pure Pets formula is 100% natural. The main active ingredient in their formula is Mullein, which acts on irritation and is an anti-inflammatory to give instant relief to symptoms from coughs such as kennel cough, asthma, bronchitis and allergies.
  • Relaxing Effect: Coltsfoot is one of the active ingredients they use in this formula which has a natural relaxing effect on your pet as well as acting to give comfort and soothe dry coughs.

Ingredients: Mullein, Coltsfoot, Wild Thyme, Liquorice Root, Wild Cherry Bark and White Horehound

How to use: Can be used on food, in water or given directly into the mouth. Suitable for animals over 8 weeks of age. Give 2-3 days per day. For dry coughs give every couple of hours up to six times per day.

Extra Small (0-5kg) 1-5 drops
Small (5-10kg) 5-7 drops
Medium (10-20kg) 7-10 drops
Large (20kg+) 15 drops

WARNING: A dry persistent cough can be indicative of more severe problems. If no improvement is seen within three days, consult your vet.