As the world around us surges forward in a continual quest for more, we cling tightly to the notion that our horses need a return to the simple gifts given by mother nature, offering less: Less chemical additives; less GMO products and less preservatives. It is our aim to find products which work in harmony with the natural balance of your horse’s body.

As humans, we have utilised the healing powers of nature for over 60,000 years, the tried and tested benefits speak for themselves. What makes our products ‘natural’, and why it is so important to prioritise these options for the well-being of our horses?

At the heart of natural products for horses lies our commitment to harnessing the innate power of nature. These products are meticulously crafted from organic ingredients, sourced from plants, minerals, and herbs, without the use of synthetic chemicals, additives, and artificial fragrances.

Not only are these pure ingredients gentle on the skin, but they are also environmentally friendly, aligning with our promise to do our part to help protect the environment. Opting for natural alternatives offers a myriad of benefits, including reduced risks of skin irritation and allergic reactions, gentle and soothing properties, and a commitment to eco-friendly processes.

Here at EcoGreen Equestrian, we offer a wide and varied choice of natural products for horses, from supplements and fly spray to shampoos and soothing lotions.

Natural supplements can be an invaluable asset to our feeding regime. Not only do they have a plethora of health benefits, but they have also been known to help improve performance. Bursting with natural ingredients such as Nettle, Magnesium Oxide, Hawthorn leaves and Cinnamon. These supplements offer holistic support for joint health, digestion, immunity and so much more.

Our pick of the best natural products for horses

As the natural world around us starts to come alive with the changing seasons, we will undoubtedly notice increased sugars as the grass grows as well as pollens and midges aplenty over the coming weeks. Here are a few products to help your horse retain a spring in their step as we head towards the warmer weather and change in their environment:

equi allergy

Equi Allergy

Equi Allergy is a combination of herbal tinctures such as, Huang Qin, Ginko Biloba and nettle which can help to sooth symptoms relating to allergies.

lami ease supplement

Laminitis Supplements

Our Lami Ease supplement contains essential minerals such as magnesium oxide, nettle and burdock root which are ideal for supporting horses who gain weight easily and those prone to laminitis.

herbal joint mix supplement

Herbal Joint Mix

Herbal Joint Mix is a powerful blend of herbs specially formulated to help support horses who are older or those who suffer with joint stiffness.

From spring to summer…

As spring turns to summer, we’ve no doubt you will be thinking about how to keep the flies and midges at bay. Natural repellents such as Fly Off and EqWax Lemongrass Fly Repellent are both excellent choices for warding off bothersome flies. These repellents can be simply applied using a brush or sponge. These products contain no nasty chemicals like DEET or permethrin, but instead harness the powers of scientifically proven natural repellents such as lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus. They are safe enough to apply liberally and strong enough to last for several hours.

As we get ready to wash off the winter mud and grime, using natural products is essential for cleansing and nourishing the skin and coat without compromising their natural integrity leaving our horses feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our Peppermint Shampoo is 100% natural meaning it is free from sulphates, parabens and diethanolamides.

We also have a range of products ideal for use after exercise, Coolwash from Pro Equine was voted ‘Best In Test’ 2023 by Horse and Rider magazine and with good reason. Not only does it contain a soothing and refreshing blend of peppermint, tea tree and aloe vera, but it removes sweat and grease residue leaving your horse feeling refreshed as Coolwash relaxes and refreshes the body, muscles and legs helping to reduce your horse’s recovery time.

coolish pro equine
As conscientious horse owners, it is important to have choices which are safe and natural for our horses, even better is that we are able to play a part in preserving the environment too. By choosing natural products for horses, we embrace the healing powers of nature as we are able to foster a healthier and more sustainable future.