Help! My horse has mud fever, what shall I do? 

First of all, do not panic, despite our best efforts to keep legs clean and dry, sometimes the inevitable happens! Read below on how to treat mud fever with our specialised products designed to keep your horse protected. 

Remember wet skin is fragile, avoid the urge to scrub it to oblivion. You would be far better advised to use a mild cleaning agent and gentle hands. Keep in mind that mild cases are easily resolved so long as you are meticulous. You do not want to dry the skin out too much otherwise it will be inclined to further cracking and so the cycle of broken skin continues.

How to treat Mud Fever?

Worry only about the things in your control, here are 3 things you can do:

Cleanse daily

Applying a gentle cleansing solution regularly, such as our Mud Defender Lotion would certainly be beneficial; it will just ensure the skin is kept in optimum condition and it will help sooth irritation whilst preventing bacteria from getting too cosy.

Many of nature’s miracles are at hand to help us build strong barriers against bacteria. Oils, such as coconut oil (just one of the healing ingredients in our Mud Defender Lotion), are excellent for keeping skin supple and hydrated. Not only does coconut oil contain fatty acids to help reduce inflammation, it is high in lauric acid which has antimicrobial properties to deter bacteria from settling.

Mud Defender Lotion

mud defender lotion

Support the growth of new skin

If you’re wondering how to prevent mud fever, do not overlook the health of your horse’s skin. Skin is a horse’s largest organ, it undergoes continual rejuvenation and remains their first line of defence against the outside world. To maintain skin which is strong and supple, the horse’s body requires essential Fatty Acids, such as Omega 3 and 6 which can also be found in our ‘Mud Defender’ supplement.

Boost the immune system  

Swelling, oozing and heat are all signs that the horse’s body is fighting bacteria. By keeping your horse’s immune system in tip-top condition you can rest assured that their bodies are prepared to battle with the bacteria that breach the barrier.  As Autumn takes hold, all of the wonderful goodies, such as rosehips and nettle leaves, that horses forage for in the hedgerows become short in supply.

Why not add these as a supplement to boost immunity and help prevent mud fever, Rosehips, nettles leaves and other essential herbs can be found in our ‘Equimune Gold’ supplement.


Equimmune Gold Supplement

Still Got Questions?

We would always recommending speaking to your vet if you are unsure as to whether your horse requires any additional medical attention. However you can always pick up the phone and contact us if you are not sure which product would be best for your horse!