Tale as old as time… The healing powers of heat therapy for horses

Did you know, the Greeks and Egyptians were hot on the trail of the magical powers of heat therapy many moons ago, dating way back thousands of years to 500 B.C. A little more recently, we can look to the Chinese and Japanese Empires of the 16th Century and we’ll find they too were advocates of thermal springs and hot stones for all manner of ailments.

Sometimes we are a little too hasty to innovate and re-invent. When it comes to treating injuries and inflammation in horses, dogs and us humans, you just can’t beat the timelessly simple solution- heat therapy!

Hot Stuff… & Why It Works:

Heat works wonders on injuries and inflammation, and not only does it speed up the healing process, it is wonderfully soothing and relaxing too. Heat therapy for horses is one of the few medicinal methods your horse will love you for; it is not unpleasant or painful in any way and it is something you can administer yourself without the need to have an expert on hand.

There are a multitude of heat sources available, but for us, the Epiony Heat Pad is a firm favourite and a sound investment as it can be used time and time again to help all manner of injuries. In terms of relieving chronic pain, heat therapy for horses is highly effective and a superb therapy to use as part of a remedial plan when treating long-term injuries.

Heat therapy works by opening up the blood vessels which in turn maximises the blood flow and this is where the magic really happens. Blood travels beneath the surface delivering oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. The science is simple, the more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the site of injury, the quicker and more efficiently the healing process can begin.

Heat therapy can also be beneficial before exercise to warm muscles up and increase the elasticity in joints. We all know that injuries to joints and muscles commonly occur during strenuous exercise when bodies are not properly warmed up, so why not consider heat therapy for horses throughout the competition season as an additional way to reduce the stresses and strains of life in the fast lane.

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Epiony Heat Pad

About Our Epiony Heat Pad

The design of the Epiony Heat Pad makes it a versatile and worthy addition to any medical cabinet. Unlike so many of the other heat therapy options, these heat pads are thermostat-controlled meaning once you have selected one of the 4 heat settings, the pads will provide a continuous and consistent soothing heat for the duration of the treatment.

Each pad has a neoprene waist band and elastic surcingle meaning it can be adapted to fit comfortably on any part of the a horse, human or dog’s body and will remain in place without the need for it to be held in position.

The heat pads provide close proximity to the skin which activates the receptors and helps to decrease the pain signals travelling to the brain, providing some relief from pain.

An additional benefit of heat therapy for horses, humans and dogs is that it can be called upon repeatedly – you are able to use heat therapy up to 4 times per day. It is perfectly safe to turn to heat therapy routinely as an effective means for providing comfort and relief from injury and inflammation to muscles, tissue and joints.


How To Use The Epiony Heat Pad:

Not just for horses...

Life has been particularly stressful this year and the benefits of heat therapy can be enjoyed by you too, so why not treat yourself to an Epiony Heat Pad? They are so versatile and can be used to sooth sore muscles and reduce joint pain.

These heat pads are perfect for pampering pooches too. The damp and dreary weather at this time of year can wreak havoc on the joints of humans, horses and dogs, particularly those young and old who sufferer from arthritis; heat therapy gives some relief and respite by soothing the continual nagging pain and inflammation associated with the aging process and arthritic conditions.