Equine Magnetix


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Equine Magnetix has been operating for three years. Based in rural Cheshire the business started when the owners dog was diagnosed with arthritis at just 12months old, the difference magnetic therapy made to her dog made her think about the equestrian sector and just how magnetic therapy could help horses.

The magnetic field generated by the magnets in a magnetic rug or boot relaxes the capillary walls and surrounding muscle and soft tissue.  As a result, your horse will benefit from improved oxygen and blood flow which will help to promote healing and speed up the recovery process.

There are many different types of therapeutic magnets available. The strength of the magnet depends on size, depth, type of magnet etc.   As long as they have a sufficient strength they will create a magnetic field strong enough to penetrate through the body.  Magnets do not heal. It’s the magnetic field the magnet creates which influences the environment for accelerated healing to take place.

There are so many horses and ponies out there hugely benefiting from Magnetic Therapy, and over the last twelve months Equine Magentix have more and more vets recommending the products alongside equine physiotherapists.

Your horse or pony can live a more comfortable and active life by using the products, so whether you’re looking to use magnetic therapy for an injury or condition or simply as part of your daily exercise routine, it will be one of the best investments you’ll make.

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