It’s no suprise that here at EcoGreen Equestrian we are trying to be as environmentally responsible as we possibly can. With the current predictions for global warming not looking too positive, we know more than ever the importance of taking steps – no matter how small – on tackling this important issue, especially with our EcoGreen packaging.

We received a question from one of our customers the other day about why our stocked products don’t come in sugarcane bottles, and so we thought it was a great idea to write a blog post about our products’ packaging, and a little more about sugarcane bottles.

Why do some of our manufacturers use plastic?

If you purchase products from our Safe-Care Equine, Natural Equine or even to some extent our Hilton Herbs range you will see that they are in plastic containers.

All of their packaging is either PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene). Both of these are recyclable and are collected by local authorities for this purpose throughout the whole of the UK.

Modern recycling processes allow these plastic types to be recycled many times, not just the once. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for the packaging to ever go to landfill, or to end up in our rivers, lakes or seas.

ecogreen packaging

Why have they chosen these plastics?

The products are all made from natural ingredients. Putting them in these types of bottles reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

Advances in plastics manufacturing mean that the material they use is overall less environmentally damaging than some other forms of packaging. The products are recyclable and costs far less in cost and fuel to transport.

As most of our products are used on the yard glass packaging would not be appropriate given the safety risks if dropped.

Why do the manufactures not use sugar cane bottles?

In theory this could be a good option, the bottles that are produced do seem to reduce the carbon footprint as they are made from a renewable source and of course being a plant, the sugar cane absorbs CO2.

The problem however is not the sugar cane itself but more the fertilisers that are used on it and the equipment used to harvest it, that pollutes the environment.

Although sugar cane bottles are 100% recyclable, they are not recognised at many recycling plants and therefore need to be sent to special units. The issue here is that there are very few of these plants in the UK therefore there is greater risk that these bottles might end up in landfill.

If these bottles do finish their life in landfill, then they will take just as long as any other plastic to breakdown.

So what next?

Our manufacturers are always looking at alternatives but as with any packaging they want to make sure it is suitable for their ranges. Currently with plastic being 100% recyclable they believe there is far more chance of their bottles being recycled than ending up in landfill.

Natural Equine are currently looking at a range of bottles that are made out of 100% recycled material (mainly milk bottles) and are 100% recyclable at the other end of their life, they are recognised as normal plastic so therefore can be recycled at most plants,  this may be a far better option for the environment reducing the Carbon Footprint at manufacture level and should not end up in landfill.

All the companies we work in partnership with are passionate about their products and the effect they have on the environment and all strive to make changes when further options become available. You can be sure that all our EcoGreen packaging has the environments best interests at heart.

Still Curious?

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