Eco Friendly Horse Bedding – Is It Needed?

As we start a new year let’s continue to give back to the environment and delve a little
deeper into why eco-friendly horse bedding is a win win situation for you, your horse and the environment…

What is an ‘eco-friendly product’ and what does carbon footprint mean?

Eco-friendly products are simply products that are not harmful to the environment.
A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organisation, or community (in this case how much carbon dioxide is released to make the bedding you are purchasing).

The release of carbon dioxide can have a hugely negative effect on both global warming and climate change, so it’s important we monitor our emissions.

Why is eco-friending horse bedding important?

We all know the struggle of wheeling out 2 or 3 wheelbarrows of shavings and muck out of our horses stable in the morning but how can this have an effect on the environment you ask?

Most bedding types are biodegradable (if stored correctly) with just some differences in the time it takes for the muck & bedding to rot down. It mostly comes down to the packaging and the manufacturing of the bedding that is responsible for the impact on the Carbon footprint (or hoof print in this case!) and the environment.

Therefore, when trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly when choosing your horses bedding it’s the story behind how the bedding is made/stored and packed that we need to focus on.

eco friendly horse bedding straw


Straw is fairly eco-friendly as it’s usually sourced from local farms located locally to yards and is normally packed using only string. This product can be cheap but the downside is it requires a lot to make a decent bed and can be found to be rather dusty for your horses.

eco friendly horse bedding wood pellets
Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are very easy to muck out and easy to get your hands on with multiple suppliers around the UK. However this comes with a downside; it has a larger carbon footprint associated with it due to how the pellets are packaged and produced.

This is because it tends to be packaged in plastic and then transported around the country and internationally due to demand.

eco friendly horse bedding wood shavings
Shavings & Wood Chips

This horse bedding alternative is fairly absorbent and readily available with less wastage but it can become very dusty. In addition, raw wood products do not compost as easily, thus having a larger impact on the environment.

This product is sourced from wood and typically involves a larger manufacturer (and the transport of the product throughout Europe and internationally), plus it comes in plastic packaging. Therefore sourcing shavings as an eco-friendly horse bedding option can become a bit of a task.

eco friendly horse bedding wood shavings
Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is a costly alternative to traditional bedding, and usually needs a little covering of straw, wood pellets or shavings on top. However, it is very hard wearing and has multiple benefits for a horse’s health including additional comfort and helps to create a non-slip surface.

This product is eco-friendly in the long run if combined with an eco-friendly horse bedding on top.

When sourcing eco friendly horse bedding we always have our horses in mind first, so when buying eco- friendly horse bedding it’s important to know the positives for both the horse & the planet so the best product can be purchased.

Because Eco-friendly horse bedding is created from natural ingredients and spends minimal time being mass-produced at manufactures it really is a win-win for horses and the planet.

Who makes eco friendly horse bedding?

Ethos has created an eco-friendly horse bedding that breaths environmentally friendly, it is created from 100% Miscanthus crop to create an eco-friendly, cost effective superior bedding product which also comes in three natural scents; Eucalyptus, Lavender & Citronella.

The amazing thing about this product is that it is Carbon Negative as Miscanthus crop absorbs carbon in order to grow (with every tonne absorbing 3 tonnes of CO2, how amazing can this planet be!)

Ethos doesn’t stop there – to ensure all of their product is as eco-friendly as possible their packaging is 100% recyclable and where possible, and is made from recycled plastic; another step towards creating a negative carbon hoofprint.

Here are some tips to ensure you are doing your best to select eco-friendly horse bedding:

1. Research the products you are buying to understand what the ingredients are,
where they are coming from and how they are packed.
2. Ensure the bedding you are using is compostable and easily disposed of.
3. Try to buy straw/shaving locally and in minimal packaging if you aren’t able to get
your hands on eco-friendly bedding.
4. You can ask your supplier to deliver when they are in your local area to save on pollution and fuel costs.
4. Use a recommend eco-friendly horse bedding supplier: Ethos Horse
Bedding, Sorbeo horse bedding & BioBedding.