The joys of owning a high energy hound?

Dogs with endless energy are an absolute joy to have around, but if their energy is not appropriately channelled, they can quickly become boisterous and badly behaved. Thankfully, there is an enormous range of eco friendly dog toys available these days to help us keep them amused and out of mischief. We can ward off unwanted behaviours such as barking, chewing, and jumping up by figuring out what makes our dogs tick and then giving them a purpose.

Each dog has their own personality, and no one knows them better than you do. By nature’s design dogs would spend most of their day on the move, usually as part of a pack with a set hierarchical structure.

Unfortunately, due to the pressures and commitments of modern-day life, we are unable to wander the wilderness with our canine counterparts. For many of us, work has a terrible habit of getting in the way, so it is only fair that we provide plenty of stimulus for times when our pampered pooches cannot have our undivided attention. Eco-friendly dog toys are the ultimate distraction and there are so many good ones to choose from for all types of play: from fun puzzles to furry toys.

Finding the right eco friendly dog toys need not be a chore. Like humans, all dogs are different, and each will let their preference be known; think about what ‘play’ looks like for you and your dogs. Do they love running, chasing, and tugging? Sniffing out treats and retrieving objects?

Making Play Purposeful

Let’s face it, we have all spent more time at home over the past few months than we ever have before. Even our old faithful dogs, who have been used to staying home alone for a few hours whilst we are at work, may take moment to re-adjust to the emptiness of a ‘normal’ household routine.

We’ve not really had much cause to leave the house and when we did, we would usually take the dogs with us. Our best advice here is to begin to alter those patterns early and change the routine over time so it does not come as so much of a shock. Soften the blow a little by giving them something to look forward to as you leave. Why not place a puzzle toy beside them when you leave the house to make the parting a positive one? Find their favourite types of toys. These Snuffle Mats from Ruffle Snuffle are usually comforting and fun, with the added bonus that you can customise them if you like.

Alternatively, offer a little more challenge with Ruffle Snuffle’s Challenger cubes requires more work on your dog’s part to find the treats, these eco-friendly dog toys are perfect for the older dog where softer toys can be gentler on teeth and gums and less likely to roll and bounce too far.

Tasty Treats

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Why not combine puzzle toys with our natural treats from The Foraging Hound? All their products are 100% natural and free from artificial colour or preservatives.

The team at The Foraging Hound take feed and nutrition very seriously and they are dedicated to providing foods which boast a high meat content and are free from grain meaning they are gentler on the digestive system and the perfect choice for mirroring a more natural diet.

Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Being pack animals, dogs love to interact. These eco friendly dog toys from Green and Wilds are perfect for throwing and tugging. Made completely from natural plant fibres and 100% recyclable, you can be sure they are free from the plastics and dyes which work their way into many of mass-produced toys on the market. The idea that something must be brightly coloured to be ‘fun’ is a very human concept.

When it comes to toys, we would like to bet your dog is more into taste and textures than colours anyway. Check out these wonderful toys from Green and Wild’s eco friendly dog toy range; you will be thoroughly spoilt for choice! Many are a combination of rope and suede, just perfect for tugging and chewing.

Choosing the right kind of chew

Dogs are designed to chew; accept the fact that bits of whatever they are chewing will fall off. No one has yet created a dog toy they can claim is 100% indestructible (if they do, there is a fair chance it is made of a material which will wear your dog’s teeth down).

At least with these eco friendly dog toys you can be sure that when any bits come away, they can be safely digested without the need for you to spend the next few days (poo bags at the ready) searching for remnants and praying they have passed through your dog’s system safely, we’ve all been there, right?

When left to their own devices for longer periods of time, why not break the boredom by offering natural chews as alternatives to toys? Green and Wilds have a superb range of safe, natural and responsibly sourced treats, such as Chew Roots and Antlers meaning your dogs can safely chew on these until their hearts are content.

eco friendly dog toys

Here at EcoGreen equestrian we take sustainability very seriously, especially when it comes to the welfare of our animals.

We have a great range of products and treats for dogs here, all of which are natural and environmentally friendly!